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Flying Like A Virgin

Having a good time being good! On December 13, 2018, GFR Flight made its third trip to space!

Was out at Mojave a few weeks ago for the launch of our GFR Flight and NASA payload in the belly of Virgin Galactic's Unity spaceplane. Spectacular to see to Unity drop from the White Knight mothership, then proceed to break the sound barrier, and zoom into space. Yep, you could see the drop with your naked eyes.

Enjoyed champaign afterwards, courtesy Sir Richard Branson, who has now broken the tourism barrier into space with two pilot-astronaut-tourists (wha ... I think I just coined a new title: "Pilot-Astronaut-Tourist" -- remember you read it here first!). One more test flight (video describing test history at Mojave, featuring VG) is planned before VSS Unity reports for operations from Spaceport America, in New Mexico, for those people that have put down $250K for a ticket.

Don't worry, the price will come down and normal people will continue to go up and get their astronaut wings. And of course, you will want to take G-Field Recorder with you to record the experience. After all, its a tradition now!

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