Super Cool!
Control and monitor data collection using your Apple Watch!


G-Field Recorder is a ready-out-the-box motion-data acquisition system.

Proven in space launch and recovery, use this intuitive, reliable, and programmable app to perform your acquisition of motion data -- no coding or electronics required!  Just download to an iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad.


Log acceleration, rotation, speed, distance, displacement, heading, and altitude.  View and Analyze the data in table and graphical form on the app or export to another platform.


Use G-Field Recorder to record the acceleration field of athletic actions or of the behaviors of aerospace vehicles, land vehicles, watercraft, sports vehicles, security applications, structures, and more.


- Unlimited recording time. Data storage is limited only by the maximum storage availability on the device.

- Sampling frequencies from vanishingly small (e.g. 0.001 Hz) up to 100 Hz.

- Programmable start and stop timing

- Automatic plots

- Directly reviewable text data

- Automatic indefinite local storage

- Configurable acceleration reference frame

- Option to ignore or sense gravitational field

- Rewind and playback

- Editable custom notes

- Illustrations of your GPS paths

- Exportable csv formatted data

- Remote control  via Apple Watch

- "Sentinel Mode" long duration energy saving 

- Selectable icons