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Super Cool!
Control and monitor data collection using your Apple Watch!


G-Field Recorder is a "ready out the box" motion-data acquisition system

Use G-Field Recorder to easily record, organize, and analyze data concerning the movements of athletes, vehicles, machines, structures, and more! 

Also, G-Field Recorder can be controlled from your Apple Watch.


- Unlimited recording time. Data storage is limited only by the maximum storage availability on the device.

- Sampling frequencies from vanishingly small (e.g. 0.001 Hz) up to 100 Hz.

- Programmable start and stop timing

- Automatic plots

- Directly reviewable text data

- Runs in foreground or background

- Automatic indefinite local storage

- Configurable acceleration reference frame

- Option to ignore or sense gravitational field

- Rewind and playback

- Optional custom notes for each data file

- Illustrations of your GPS paths

- Exportable csv formatted data

- Remote control  via Apple Watch

- "Sentinel Mode" long duration energy saving 

- Selectable icons

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