Super Cool!
Control and monitor data collection using your Apple Watch!


G-Field Recorder is an ideal tool for recording 3-axis acceleration fields and also rotational displacements.

Use this app to assist your performance analysis of physics experiments and your activities.  


Use G-Field Recorder to record the acceleration field of athletic actions or of the behaviors of aerospace vehicles, land vehicles, watercraft, sports vehicles, security applications, structures, and more.

The app features:

- Unlimited recording time. Data storage is limited only by the maximum storage availability on the device.

- Sampling frequencies from vanishingly small (e.g. 0.001 Hz) up to 100 Hz.

- Automatic plots of acceleration and motion data

- Automatic indefinite local storage of recorded data

- Configurable reference frame

- Options to ignore or sense gravitational field

- Rewind and playback of recorded data

- Editable text notes with each stored data file 


- Illustrations of your GPS paths and locations on a map 

- Exportable csv formatted data

- Remote control  via Apple Watch


- "X Mode" option provides the energy saving behaviors of GFR Flight, for long duration remote deployments

- Easily exportable data in CSV format