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First Woman

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

A few days ago we were on hand to participate in yet another historic Virgin Galactic space launch. This time history was made by VG causing the first woman to achieve astronaut wings aboard a commercial spacecraft.

As if putting into space a commercial spaceplane designed for space tourism was not enough!

Frankly, based on my visits to VG in Mojave, significant historic space milestones will likely be made on every flight in the test program and beyond, throughout 2019.

Congratulations to Beth Moses and VG, Based on the friendly Federal Agency support, it appears NASA is saying to VG, -- welcome to the party!

... What did I hear Blue Origin say -- "Party over heeeere!"

... Wait. is that SpaceX saying "Party over heeere!

With so many smart teams working diligently, soon there will be hundreds of astronauts every month, stomping and shouting. "Ain't no party like a (fill in the organization) party! ..."

BTW, Stratos Perception, LLC, is the first company to utilize the VG Unity spaceplane to successfully commercialize a product, namely the GFR Flight app (Whooooop!!)

GFR Flight is available in the app store, and can be operated remotely via Apple Watch. For terrestrial purposes, it is probably better to download the G-Field Recorder app, which includes all of the features and behaviors of GFR Flight as options (i.e. "Dark Mode"), while the G-Field Recorder also has features that are better suited for general users (e.g. GPS).

Lots of firsts! Ain't no party like a VG party!! Because a VG party don't stop!

Congratulations Beth!

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