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G-Field Recorder - Programmable (GFR Pro) allows you to automate the recording of 3-axis acceleration fields and also rotational displacements.

With GFR Pro, you can easily create and save custom algorithms that automate data acquisition operations.  For example, GFR Pro can be programmed to enter an indefinite standby mode and then automatically trigger data collection upon detecting a select magnitude of component acceleration, or a select pattern of acceleration and rotational behaviors.  The decision frequency can be set to 1 to 20 Hz.

Making algorithms (called "G-Apps") using the G-App editor is easy.  You simply touch actions that you want and make form field entries.  Want to use a previously created algorithm?  Just reload load it from your G-App catalog in one click. 

GFR Pro also automatically catalogs the association between collected data and the algorithm that caused its collection.  There are many other thoughtful supporting features in GFR Pro.  You just have to try GFR Pro!  As you would expect, GFR Pro also includes all of the support features of GFR, including plotting and playback.

Use this app to assist your performance analysis of aerospace vehicles, land vehicles, watercraft, sports (and extreme sports), security applications, structural behaviors, and more.

The app features:

- Easy fully programmable data acquisition.

- Simple time/delay data acquisition. 

- Algorithm editor.

- Virtually unlimited recording time. The collected data is automatically stored in indexed files of up to about 5 MB per file.  Data storage is limited by the maximum availability on the device.

- Sampling frequencies from vanishingly small (e.g. 0.001 Hz) up to 100 Hz

- Plots of acceleration and motion data

- Automatic indefinite local storage of recorded data

- Association of data files stored with the algorithm that created it

- Editable notes stored with each algorithm

- Rewind and playback of recorded data

- Editable text notes with each stored data file   


- Distribution of stored data files via email

- Stable user interface performance in variable acceleration fields

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